Wills & Complaints

Published: 17 September 2018

We are all aware that Will Writing is not regulated by statute, but that does not mean it’s not regulated at all. Consumers, if they feel they feel that their complaint has not been dealt with properly or that they are being ignored, which appears to be a growing trend, not only among will writers but service industries in general in the UK, do have recourse through Trading Standards, Citizens Advice and of course the courts.

Will Writers, or Estate Planning Consultants, such as Cotswold, who are members of the Society of Will Writers, in addition to the above are regulated through their membership, and membership can be suspended or revoked in the event the member company fails to resolve the issue to the full satisfaction of the client and the SWW. The SWW operates a full complaints procedure when faced with a complaint regarding a member.

Cotswold is a member of the Society of Will Writers and as such adheres to their code of conduct and professional standards. We hope this provides additional assurance in an industry which can be difficult to navigate.