Why Invest?

Published: 17 February 2018

Traditional financial advice tells us to save for the future. But with interest rates notoriously low, savings are simply no longer an effective means of securing your financial future. Wisely investing some capital in the stock market is a much better option, which can provide positive returns if you know how to manage your investments effectively.

The main reason for investing is to grow your existing wealth. Once you have invested, you will be able to receive a lump sum pay-out within a number of years, depending on your plan and portfolio. Investments can also help you add to your income, depending on the amount of capital you have available, the amount of risk with which you are comfortable and the amount of profit you would like to make.

Choose the Right Investments for You: Only you know the life you want to lead. We all value different things and what we value changes throughout our lives. So your investment choices will be as individual as you are.

At Cotswold Independent Financial Services, we know that we can only provide sound investment advice if we have taken the time to really understand your financial position, where you are in your life and how you feel about risk. That is why we provide tailor made investment planning perfectly suited to creating the financial future you deserve. Read more.