When to get your family involved in your Financial Affairs?

Published: 10 February 2018

At Cotswold Independent Financial Services in our role to support our clients in their financial plans and we find that sometimes it is helpful to involve your family and beneficiaries in this process. The benefits of doing this are that they understand decisions and their implications on their own financial plans. In this process of widening the communications we can also better understand your beneficiaries’ circumstances and financial needs and identify suitable options that could work for both parties.

Working closely with your family, we’ll ensure that your family wealth is passed to the next generation. Our independent approach means that your family’s future will remain our top priority. Specific considerations for planning for a client’s legacy may include:

Pension Planning – it is helpful to understand how pensions can be passed on after death, the options available and their implications.

Implications of Long Term Care - we will work together to formulate the most appropriate plans for your circumstances. People become nervous that their home will be taken away from them and careful planning can reduce risk in this area.

Trust Planning – this is a way of protecting your assets and ensure they are passed on as the client intends. We will also ensure the most suitable trust is selected for your circumstances.

Inheritance Tax Planning - careful advance planning means beneficiaries and future generations can reap the rewards of so much more of what you have worked for.