What will happen to Pensions in 2018?

Published: 6 February 2018

Many people could be in for a shock when they check their pay packet in April 2018. That’s because of a big change that will affect millions of people, who will see a bigger slice of their pay automatically diverted to a savings pot for their pension.

Automatic enrolment went live in 2012 and but the total minimum amount paid in is currently just 2% of qualifying earnings – made up of 0.8% from the worker, 1% from the employer and 0.2% in tax relief. However, on 6 April this will rise to 5% – typically 2.4% from the worker, 2% from their employer and 0.6% in tax relief. In April 2019 the total increases again, to 8%. So, if you are an affected employee, how much might you – and your employer – have to pay into your pension?