The young want pensions too!

Published: 5 December 2017

Work-based pensions are essential for attracting young recruits, recent research shows. Nearly six out of 10 people in their first 10 years of work considered the quality of the employer’s pension scheme before deciding on a job offer, according to research from Prudential.

Their research also found almost a third of the 18-34-year olds surveyed are considering cutting back on spending for the next ten years to focus on their pension. Meanwhile, 29 per cent of individuals think a consultation with a financial adviser could help to make sure they understand their savings and investments better.

At Cotswold some of our advisers are in their 30s and we are delighted to be working with people of a similar age who are thinking ahead and as well as securing life insurance and mortgages they are looking ahead at their pensions and what retirement will look like.