The First Time

Published: 21 December 2018

We were delighted this story of a hard-working Coventry mum who has saved to buy her own home. Reported in the Sun “Charlotte Fletcher, 33, worked overtime on top of her 37-hour-a-week job as a mental health nurse as well as running a small cosmetics business giving Botox on the side”. Charlotte, who is a “Single mum worked two jobs to buy £210k three-bed house after just five months saving for a deposit”. If you have aspirations to buy your own home and want some ideas on what you need to do that please get in touch as at Cotswold we have independent mortgage advisers who look at the entire market in terms of all the mortgage options available. As a result we can talk you through the options regarding your mortgage and their implications and potentially make a significant difference to your financial circumstances in 2019.