Stratford-Upon-Avon was revealed as the cheating capital of the UK

Published: 26 July 2019

YouGov reports "overall, one in five British adults admit to having had an affair, while a third say they have thought about it. The survey also reveals that, of those who say they have had an affair, only half have stopped at one. A quarter have had two affairs, while 20% have had three or more. 8% have had five or more affairs."

The Sun cited "Stratford-Upon-Avon was revealed as the cheating capital of the UK in Illicit Encounter’s 2019 infidelity index, with 3.69 per cent playing away from their partners."

YouGov continues "men and women also describe slightly different motivations for having their affairs. The main reasons cited by women are "I felt flattered by the attention" (44%) and "I felt emotionally deprived in my relationship" (43%); among men they are, again, flattery (35%), but also dissatisfaction with their sex life (32%) – something mentioned by only 15% of women."


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