Pension Awareness Campaign

Published: 19 November 2018

The Pension Awareness Campaign aims to increase people's knowledge about their pension provision and increase awareness of the need to plan ahead. Their website claims "We know pensions and planning for the future can seem like a minefield. That’s why we’ve composed this helpful guide on the basics of pensions." Read more.

Cotswold Independent Financial Services work with people who understand that conventional pensions aren’t enough. Most people rely on some form of state pension to ensure a comfortable retirement. However these plans only pay out around £8,000 per annum, which is much less than most people need to spend on rent, bills and food, nevermind the medical and nursing costs which are often necessary later in life. It is therefore vital for you to provide for your own retirement fund, while you are still able to earn enough money to do so. However, making the right choice in investments, retirement annuities and personal pension plans can be daunting, especially with so many types of plans out there, and terms and conditions which you don’t understand and don’t have the time to study.