One step to being better off in 2019

Published: 24 December 2018

If you are thinking ahead about making changes in 2019 a simple way to reduce your expenditure could be by revisiting your mortgage and ensuring you have the best deal available for your circumstances. Research reported in Mortgage Solutions showed that “one in three homeowners do not know their mortgage rate.” “Consumer group Which? surveyed more than 3,500 homeowners with a mortgage in the UK and found that one in three didn’t know what rate they were on. A further four in 10 only knew the approximate figure. Worryingly, one in four of those surveyed were on their mortgage lender’s standard variable rate (SVR), usually costing more than other products available from the same provider. The survey showed that 55% of homeowners were on fixed rates, 10% per cent on trackers, and 5% on discount rates.” Read more If you would like to have more financial control and knowledge of your affairs, please get in touch and we can talk you through the options regarding your mortgage and their implications and potentially make a significant difference to your financial circumstances in 2019.