Moving from the Midlands

Published: 18 January 2019

According to RightMove “homes with a sea view attract a 29% price premium”. “Analysis from Rightmove reveals homes with a sea view in seaside towns are up for sale for £68,000 or 29% more on average than those without. The highest price premium is in Felixstowe in Suffolk, where a sea view could attract a 57% premium or over £143,000 more. The national average asking price of a home with a sea view is £304,702, compared to £236,070 for a home without one. Analysing all properties with asking prices under £1 million, the most expensive sea views are in Hove where the average is £481,826, while the cheapest is in Morecambe where you can get a home with a sea view for just £144,401. Rightmove’s new Keyword Sort feature lets home hunters prioritise the properties in their search results that best suit their wish-lists, with sea view already in the top five most popular requests. Buying a home with a coveted sea view can cost 29% more than those without one, according to an analysis of properties for sale in seaside towns on Rightmove.” Read the full article here