Love em or love em – life at work

Published: 13 February 2019

“One in five of us claim to like everyone at work. Like it or not, if you choose a standard office job you’ll probably be spending the best part of your waking hours with your colleagues five days a week. Getting on with them is likely to make your days significantly more pleasant. A YouGov Omnibus survey produced in collaboration with Yahoo for the "Britain Is A Nation Of..." podcast brings good news: thankfully, two thirds of Brits (63%) currently in work like at least half of their colleagues. Four in ten (41%) say they like more than half, while a lucky one in five (22%) like everyone they work with. One in eight (12%) like half their colleagues. The rest of us are less chummy with our workmates. Another one in eight (12%) like less than half of their colleagues… and one in fifty (2%) don’t like any of them.” Read more