Inheritance Disputes Rise

Published: 14 August 2019

FT Adviser reports “why has there been an upsurge in inheritance disputes? One of the answers can be found in the changing socio-economic landscape we live in. Complex family structures can make the division of assets between second and third families seem contentious and create feelings of being hard done by.
The increasing value of estates is another contributory factor. The older the person making or changing a will, the more likely it can give credence to an allegation of lack of mental capacity. On the one hand, increasing property prices have made relatively modest estates worth fighting for and, on the other hand, economic uncertainty incentivises would-be claimants to seek a greater share of an estate.
In any event, there is no doubt that society has become more aware of the ability to challenge a will and, according to court statistics, more willing to see a challenge through to what is, inevitably, a bitter ending at trial.
Inheritance disputes tend to focus on one of two areas: the first relates to claims for a greater share of an estate, and the second around the validity of the will itself, which can bring allegations of undue influence, lack of capacity to make a will and even forgery.” CIFS can work with you to plan your legacy and write your will.

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