How does a financial adviser at Cotswold work with clients on their Investment Strategy?

Published: 1 January 2018

At Cotswold we follow a robust process to ensure we meet clients’ needs and this is demonstrated by our investment approach. We begin by understanding your investment objectives and we also understand your attitude to risk and capacity for loss (financially and emotionally).

We then evaluate how your current investments are in line with your attitude to risk and likely to help you achieve your objectives. Where appropriate we will appoint a Discretionary Fund Manager to become part of the process. Their role is to be proactive in managing your investment portfolio. We undertake a robust selection process, called due diligence, to identify which Discretionary Fund Managers to work with.

We agree an appropriate strategy along with your Discretionary Fund Manager which you are comfortable with, to meet your investment objectives. We then continue this due diligence on the appointed Discretionary Fund Manager to ensure your investment objectives are met and agree and implement any changes that may be required. We will review your investment strategy, giving ongoing consideration of your attitude to risk and ensure that it remains appropriate given your objectives and circumstances.

Twice a year you will receive a detailed investment valuation report and you will meet with the Discretionary Fund Manager annually to ensure they continue to deliver investment returns in line with your attitude towards risk.