Cotswold’s Core Values

Published: 22 April 2019

Cotswold Independent Financial Services is a professional, successful, and well established Independent Financial Services company which has offered impartial financial planning advice to a loyal base of clients for many years. Our success has been built around three core principles; integrity, professionalism, and impartiality, coupled with a creative and innovative approach to financial planning and a belief in a bespoke client service.

Our reputation is based on sound financial advice and meeting our client's needs. We provide a comprehensive range of advice and we are firm believers in the principle of treating customers fairly.

Our team of financial advisers, who have all been in the financial services industry for over 20 years, are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Their professionalism is mirrored in our efficient and enthusiastic administration team who, together with our advisers, provide a high standard of service and are committed to customer care.

We are independent, this means we provide a comprehensive range of advice from the whole of the available market. In other words, we look to find the best deal for you, instead of just selecting the 'closest match' from a list of pre-selected products.

Couaentree or Cofantreo?
Coventry University reports “Think you know everything about Coventry? Think again, even the locals don’t know these city secrets”

“Whilst it’s undisputed that Coventry began as a Saxon village, no-one knows for sure what it was called. Historians argue between two names, the first is ‘Cofantreo’, which means the tree belonging to Cofa: Cofa’s Tree. He was presumably a settler in Saxon time. Trees were often used to mark boundaries, in this case the tree marked the end of Cofa’s settlement.” Read all