Britons don’t do Difficult Decisions

Published: 15 January 2020

Scottish Widows reports “More than four million Brits say they do not have enough mental space to make the right choices when it comes to tackling difficult decisions, according to research from Scottish Widows. A further 6.4 million people say they simply don’t have time to do important life admin.” “It’s not just about having time to dedicate to decision making. It’s also about how much effort we give to these decisions.

The research reveals that more than half (52%) of Brits always ensure they are making the best possible choice when picking a holiday destination. This is a stark contrast to less than one in three (29%) who say this about making changes to their pension arrangements. One in five (18%) admit to focusing on making the best possible choice of dinner on a typical week night. This suggests a risk that these people could be spending too much time ‘sweating the small stuff’ and therefore reducing the mental energy available for engaging with more important life choices.” Read more