According to Brewin Dolphin “Pension Puzzle Scots”

Published: 28 January 2019

“Widespread uncertainty over plans for retirement in Scotland – but some realism about income and age expectations; 38% don’t know what to do with their pension pots, yet around half of Scots have no plans to seek advice about retirement; People in Scotland want to have £289,359 in their pension pots but realistically expect to have £198,382. Nearly four in ten people in Scotland (38%) don’t know what they will do with their pension pots when they retire and there is widespread uncertainty over plans for later life, according to Brewin Dolphin’s latest Family Wealth Report. The research, which looks at the opportunities for people to make the most of their money, found many Scots were unsure about their retirement plans – yet, only around half had already sought professional financial advice or planned to do so. Of those surveyed for the report, 47% said they had not taken advice about their pensions and had no intention to in the future– around a fifth (22%) had already taken guidance and another 31% said they planned to further down the line. “ Read all