4 Things That Keep Small-Business Owners Up At Night

Published: 21 May 2018

Cotswold Independent Financial Services is a professional, successful and well established Independent Financial Services company which has offered impartial financial planning advice to a loyal base of clients for many years. Our clients include Directors and Owners of Small and Medium Sized businesses which is why we were interested in this article on the The "4 Things That Keep Small-Business Owners Up At Night".

Unsurprisingly the first concern is growing revenue - from a financial advisory point of view we help plan tax efficiently for when revenue does increase to ensure the business owners and shareholders have the right financial plans in place to safeguard this growth and also protect the business from key risks. Both Government Regulations and Cash Flow were also listed in the top 4, which echoes are experience with working with company owners in a fast changing environment which requires agile planning to ensure business continuity and success. We also work to ensure company owners, shareholders and Directors are tax effectively rewarded for their hard work and risk taking.