100 years and counting

Published: 21 November 2018

The Daily Express reports - "Number of Britons aged 100 or over hits a record 14,430. A record number of people living in the UK have celebrated their 100th birthday, official figures showed yesterday". "An 85 per cent increase over the past 15 years means there were 14,430 centenarians in 2017, the Office for National Statistics said. And men are narrowing the gender gap. In 2002 there were 8.22 females for every male centenarian, but this has almost halved to 4.85. Last year there were 579,776 people aged 90 or over. The rise in numbers of very old people will add pressure to many public services, especially the UK's crisis-hit social care system and the NHS." Read more https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1023128/Number-of-Britons-aged-100-or-over-hits-a-record-14-430