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Independent Financial Advisers in Coventry

Managing your wealth doesn’t need to be complicated. All you require is a team of experienced financial advisers who know what they’re doing. With nearly three decades of providing comprehensive financial advice and planning, Cotswold Independent Financial Services has the necessary expertise to help you make the right financial decisions at the right time. Our team of consultants are trained and qualified to provide expert advice about general financial planning, as well as specialist areas such as SIPPS, Wealth Management and Estate Planning. It’s never too early to start planning for a wealthy future.

So, why not start today?

As an independent financial services agency, we guarantee that we are looking after your personal interests.

Our financial experts search all of options to find the service or product precisely suited to your needs. We chose to remain independent because we believe it is important to not be restricted in anyway when we recommend a product or fund to our clients.

Unbiased Financial Advice

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Comprehensive Planning

Bespoke Support Services

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start thinking about packing up and taking off to live the dream. All it takes is a plan.

Wills & Power of Attorney

For many, this can be a delicate and understandably uncomfortable subject. However, you can take solace in the knowledge that arranging your Power of Attorney will ensure that a trusted person properly supports you should you no longer have the mental capacity to manage your own affairs.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We all want to see our loved ones inherit as much of our hard-earned wealth as possible. With careful planning, there are many legitimate ways of cutting down how much Inheritance Tax (IHT) you and your heirs might be expected to pay.

Mortgage Advisers

For most people, a mortgage is the most substantial financial responsibility they will ever commit to, which means that getting the right one is vital.

Long Term Care Planning

People are living longer and the population in the UK is growing. With an ageing population the need for long term care is increasing and therefore the need to plan for it is also becoming increasingly important.


Only you know the life you want to lead. We all value different things and what we value changes throughout our lives. Therefore, your investment choices will be as individual as you are.

Equity Release

Equity release allows you to release tax-free money from your property. This can be especially helpful if you need to free up some money but don’t want to downsize or move house.

Auto Enrolment Consultants

Auto enrolment pensions are being rolled out nationwide due to a change in the workplace pension laws. Find out what it means for your pension.

What Our Clients Say
"Very helpful with any questions I’ve had"
Mr Parry
"Excellent service and advice!"
Mr Lewis
"I have spoken to a few people I know about you, and told them just how good I found your service"
Mr Guise
"Paul has done a first class job of explaining everything"
Mr Clancy
"Paul Corden was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you."
Mr Rea
"Very clear and friendly service"
Mrs Edwards
"Just continue with such good information professionally given. Matthews advice was very clear and helpful for someone who had no clue what to do, it was very professional advice."
Mrs Spencer